What You Need to Know Before Taking Pure Garcinia Cambogia

What You Need to Know Before Taking Pure Garcinia Cambogia

Pure Garcinia Cambogia

With all the attention it is getting, it is important that you completely understand how pure Garcinia Cambogia works and what you can expect from it.

Where Pure Garcinia Cambogia Comes From

Garcinia Cambogia is a pumpkin-shaped fruit that’s normally yellow in color. The fruit was originally from Indonesia, but can be found in parts of Asia, Africa and India as well. Garcinia Cambogia has been used for cooking and flavor for many years. In some parts of Malaysia, this fruit is consumed before eating to help with weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia is all natural and it is perhaps one of the best things about it. No chemicals or additives have been added to diet pills and health supplements that contain Garcinia Cambogia. Aside from being all natural, Garcinia Cambogia offers a number of other benefits.

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Benefits of Pure Garcinia Cambogia

Suppresses Appetite

Garcinia Cambogia helps suppress appetite and food cravings. This helps you in managing your weight. It also doesn’t contain caffeine.

Boosts Metabolism and Energy Levels

The old fat cells remaining the body are burned off as the extract prevents fat cells from forming. This boosts your metabolism and gives you more energy. Losing weight would take longer if the new fat cells are formed on top of the old ones. By taking pure Garcinia Cambogia, you will not have that lethargic feeling in the middle of the day and you will be more productive as well. You will be able to finish your tasks and even impress your boss.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Garcinia Cambogia contains Hydroxycitric Acid that is known to lower cholesterol levels as well as blood lipid levels. This enhances your overall heath.

Weight Loss

Garcinia Cambogia works great for weight loss. Hydroxycitric Acid blocks fats and sugars in the body. This helps suppress your appetite. It reduces or prevents fat cells from forming in the body, helping you shed off excess pounds. Garcinia Cambogia can also help you control your food cravings and thus, helps prevent overeating due to emotional or stress problems. It also regulates your cortisol levels. All of these things prevent fat from being produced in the body.

Enhances Your Mood

Pure Garcinia Cambogia can help enhance the mood of the person taking it. Being in a good mood offers a number of benefits. You won’t feel stressed and turn to emotional or stress eating. Garcinia Cambogia stimulates your serotonin production. Serotonin is a feel good neurotransmitter that reduces anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. This is great for those who tend to eat when they are feeling stressed or down. With improved mood, the tendency to binge eat is greatly reduced.

Garcinia Cambogia also improves your well-being by reducing your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol can accumulate with time and cause various harmful effects such as weight gain. High cortisol levels promote the accumulation of visceral fat cells in your belly. It can also obstruct the relationship between the blood glucose and insulin. This reduces your energy levels and prompts the brain to convey food cravings to gain more energy. By reducing your cortisol levels, you will crave less and start to shed off excess pounds.

Improves Your Immune System

There are various reasons why you have a poor immune system. Maybe you have an illness that affects your immune system. Not eating well or getting enough sleep can cause your immune system to deteriorate. By taking pure Garcinia Cambogia, you don’t need to worry about a poor immune system.

Garcinia Cambogia contains Vitamin C, which helps the body fight off infections and colds. Research has revealed that taking Garcinia Cambogia reduces the duration of flu and colds. If you do happen to catch the flu or cold, you will not be sick as long as you usually would when you take Garcinia Cambogia.

Liver cells are also prevented from becoming fibrotic. As the lipid levels in the body are stabilized, the risk of cell damage is reduced or completely prevented.

What You Need to Know Before Taking Pure Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia Cannot Be Used with Some Medications

Those who are taking cholesterol-lowering medications should not take pure Garcinia Cambogia. This is because taking Garcinia Cambogia when you are taking drugs may increase the possibility of muscle degeneration and rhabdomyolysis.

Garcinia Cambogia Cannot Be Taken by Anyone

Garcinia Cambogia is quite safe for most people, but there are some instances where one is not recommended to take it. Individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease as not advised to take Garcinia Cambogia as it may worsen their condition. Breastfeeding or pregnant women are also not advised to take it.

What is the Recommended Dosage?

When purchasing pure Garcinia Cambogia, you have to make sure that it has at least sixty percent HCA. Hydroxycitric Acid is the main ingredient that suppresses appetite and food cravings. Make sure that the supplement is one hundred percent pure and that it was manufactured in a strictly regulated facility. Supplements with Garcinia Cambogia are available in extract, capsule, snack bar, powder and tablet form. The regular dosage is 300-500mg tablets three times a day, taken around thirty minutes before meal time. To maximize the benefits of pure Garcinia Cambogia, you need to buy it from a reputable source.

How Does Pure Garcinia Cambogia Work?

Garcinia Cambogia is very popular right now as it was highly advertized on a big medical show on TV. It was presented together with the clinical study data that showed those who took Garcinia Cambogia were able to shed off up to 10 pounds every month.

Garcinia Cambogia is a natural anti-oxidant. This means that it is capable of oxidizing fat cells. It begins with the fat stored in the mid-section and sub-cutaneous and works from there. Garcinia Cambogia also acts as an appetite suppressant. If you’re prone to stress eating, Garcinia Cambogia will certainly help you. All you need to take is one tablet around 1 hour before you eat and you will not eat as much as you normally would.

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