What You Need to Know About Garcinia Cambogia Extract

What You Need to Know About Garcinia Cambogia Extract

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If you’ve been trying to lose weight or gain control over your appetite for years without really seeing the results you’re after, you’re far from alone. Obesity, along with a multitude of related health issues, is a growing epidemic. Increasingly sedentary lifestyles combined with schedules that grow busier by the day can make it hard to get enough exercise or eat the way we know that we should.

All things considered, it’s not hard to see why people are praying for a miracle drug to come along – something that really works. Some health and nutrition authorities, including the ubiquitous Dr. Oz, are saying that Garcinia Cambogia extract is that miracle drug for a variety of different reasons. Here we’ll take a closer look at what’s being hailed as the weight loss miracle the world has been looking for, separate the fact from the fiction, and help you determine whether or not it’s really worth trying.

What Is Garcinia Cambogia Extract Anyway?

Despite its odd name, Garcinia Cambogia is not a lab created compound or a chemical. It’s actually a citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia, as well as India and certain regions in Africa. Delicious, filling, and nutritious, Garcinia Cambogia has been a part of the native diet in those regions for hundreds of years. However, like many super foods, the fruit also comes attached to a number of different health benefits.

Garcinia Cambogia extract contains a naturally occurring compound called hydroxycitric acid (HCA). HCA is the active ingredient responsible for the miraculous weight loss results so many people are reporting as a result of taking the extract.

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How Does HCA Work on the Body?

HCA actually has several different effects on your system, each of which contributes to your ability to successfully lose weight and control your appetite. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the most important.

Blocks Fat Production

HCA helps to block the production of new fatty tissue by changing the way your liver converts the dietary sugars found in the foods you eat – even those found in healthy options like fruits and vegetables. In a nutshell, it can greatly reduce the amount of sugars that are eventually converted to fat.

Suppresses Appetite

HCA also helps suppress the appetite without also producing the jittery, anxious feelings associated with other diet supplements. It’s especially effective when taken before meals, making it easier to avoid eating oversized portions or giving into temptation when it comes to unhealthy options.

Boosts Serotonin

Garcinia Cambogia and HCA also have been shown to boost the body’s production of serotonin. Some people report experiencing elevated moods and overall feelings of wellbeing once they start taking Garcinia. The serotonin boost is the reason. Higher serotonin levels bring several additional benefits to the table when it comes to weight loss.

♦ Serotonin helps curb sugar cravings, making it easier to say no to notorious diet busters like cake, cookies, or candy.

♦ Serotonin helps keep stress levels even, which minimizes the body’s production of cortisol, a major cause of belly fat accumulation in particular.

♦ Higher serotonin levels help you sleep better as well. The better you sleep at night, the more effective your weight loss efforts will be.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Garcinia Cambogia Extract Over Alternatives?

The modern market is so saturated with different products claiming to help people lose weight that it can be hard to determine which of the given choices is actually worth the time and money. The following are a few of the benefits that separate Garcinia from the rest of the pack.

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All Natural

People these days are becoming more and more conscious and aware of what they put in their bodies. Chemical-based diet pills and supplements are frequently linked to ailments like cancer, heart disease, and liver failure – ailments that make obesity look inconsequential in comparison.

Garcinia Cambogia, on the other hand, is a citrus fruit, just like the oranges and grapefruits people eat every day. Such nature-based supplements carry a much lower risk of serious complications or health hazards.

Low Incidence of Side Effects

Of course, even natural supplements can fail to agree with a person’s system and cause side effects. However, most people that take Garcinia Cambogia don’t experience any side effects at all. Actually, most prefer Garcinia because it doesn’t produce the jitters associated with most diet pills.

Even in the instances where certain people do experience side effects, they are usually minor and tend to be the type of thing associated with most medications. Headache, stomach upset, light-headedness, and dry mouth are a few of the most common examples.

The Importance of Buying the Right Product

Don’t simply assume that all products claiming to have Garcinia Cambogia extract as a main ingredient will work the same way. Garcinia is extremely popular right now, which means a lot of companies are looking to cash in quickly and cheaply. The risk of winding up with a product that doesn’t really work is high.

Physicians recommend that dieters take up to 3000 mgs of Garcinia per day in order to control appetite and facilitate weight loss. A good quality Garcinia pill will contain between 500-1000 mgs of pure Garcinia (HCA). Stay away from pills that don’t have an active dosage within that range.

You’ll also want to steer clear of products that contain a lot of fillers with little to no real value. Don’t be fooled by advertising copy or slick wording that describes these fillers as “boosters” or additional extracts that work with Garcinia to produce even better results. Good quality options that are worth the money will contain no more than three ingredients – Garcinia, potassium, and calcium.

Make sure you buy your pills from a trusted retailer or supplier that is known for selling reliable, premium grade products consumers can trust as well. At the end of the day, your health and your weight loss efforts are too important to trust to just anything. Smart shoppers always make sure they’re getting their money’s worth.

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